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From Our Customer: Thought I would pass on some good info!

And Theirs: Thanks! The Customer is super excited about how they turned out and that makes my heart full! Where can I leave a review?

I got the boxes today and am so excited- they look fabulous!!! It's so great to see and feel them in person and to realize how well they turned out! You guys rock!!! I can mail you a few if you'd like or can bring them to you the next time we meet. Thank you so much for this successful project- it really came together so well. <3


See what Silver Creek Munitions had to say about their Brass Ass boxes produced HERE at The Precision Line


Thanks Amber,
I appreciate your professionalism and keen eye catching this error, you fit your company name.

Very Respectfully,
~ MH

I received the invites and they look GREAT! I delivered them to the customer and they thought they turned out great as well and they were very appreciative of the incredibly quick turn. We really appreciate all of your extra effort and jumping thru hoops to get these done for our customers president!

~ PM

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the entire Precision Line organization for the amazing “feat” that your organization was able to accomplish. Our client was completely out of stock. I explained the situation to Ray on Thursday. Never once did he say we can’t do that, or this is very doubtful. Around 3:15 on Friday afternoon Ray sent word that 960 were done.

Please let your entire staff know that this was an “above and beyond” performance by everyone at your facility. We value the partnership we have with Precision Line and this project shows just another example of why Precision Line is such a trusted partner for us.

~ RM

We received the folders this morning. Thank you so much! Amazing job you and your team have done. Color, registration, ink coverage, cutting- it's all spot on. No marks or smears. Paper feels just right. Grid lines are just visible enough. The varnish turned out well. You altered the dieline correctly. 

Everyone is very happy.

~ OE

I just wanted to let you and your staff know that you made us look good again to our customer. The Fauna Flora folders were received yesterday and we shipped them out to arrive in NY by 8:30 this morning. Just in the nick of time for the customers departure overseas.  They were very happy which also extends to your crew too. 

Please pass the word along and thanks again,

~ DF

Thank you for being an excellent contractor to us.

~ TD

I wanted to let you know that the folders turned out beautifully. Truly, everyone here is so happy with them and very excited. You did a great job and I couldn't be more pleased with the end results. I know it was a difficult job to get right and the extra time you took with us to make sure we had specs that would work is so very appreciated.  

Thank you for everything! Standing ovation from D.C.!

~ JM

Just wanted to let you know that I received the AO folders yesterday and love them! I think you guys did a great job designing them and loved how they turned out. Job well done.

Thank you again,

~ LR

Great Job! Please pass this on to all the production people who made this possible.


~ JD

We appreciate your work. Precision is our preferred vendor!

~ CK

We got the folders and they look spectacular!

Thanks again for your help, our customer is going to love them!

~ SM

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