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Products Policies

ESTIMATES: Call our Customer Service line at 660-263-3620 or email your CSR for the estimated cost of your order. Estimates provided without having seen final artwork and specifications are conditional and subject to receipt and approval of final submitted materials. Custom quotes and estimates remain in effect for 30 days from date of quotation.

QUANTITIES: No quantity is too large or too small.

OVERRUNS/UNDERRUNS: All folder orders in quantities of 2,000 or less are subject to a standard 10% overrun or underrun. For larger orders (more than 2,000) the quantity run is subject to a 5% overrun or underrun. Final invoice will reflect the actual quantity shipped. If you specify “NO OVERS,” your order may run short by more than 10%. If you specify “EXACT QUANTITY,” add 10% to your order. If you specify “NO UNDERS,” your order may run over by more than 10% and you will be billed the actual quantity.

PRICES: Quoted prices are wholesale (dealer’s price) and are honored for 30 days. In the event the actual order does not follow the quoted specifications, you will be responsible for any price increase. Prices listed in the pricing guide are subject to material cost increases and are subject to change without notice. You will be sent a written price confirmation upon entry of your order into production. We reserve the right to require payment on any job before starting production. We reserve the right to refuse any job.

PURCHASE ORDERS: Authorization to print or provide other related services must be granted by means of a purchase order or other sufficient written instructions before production can begin. No special materials, such as custom paper or dies, will be ordered without a purchase order.

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: Changes and author’s alterations will be invoiced upon completion of orders. Such changes may result in a delay in production. In the event of cancellation, all work performed and materials purchased prior to cancellation will be invoiced.

DAMAGED GOODS: Claims against carriers for cartons damaged in transit are the responsibility of the consignee. Contact you Customer Service Representative for assistance in filing these claims. Call for authorization before returning any shipments.

INSPECTION OF PRODUCT: Consignee agrees to inspect materials upon receipt for concealed damage or deficiencies and subsequently notify factory in the event of discovery within 15 days of delivery. The warranty shall be limited to repairing, replacing, or crediting the price for any product which was defective at the time of delivery and at the point of origin. The factory may require the return of any or all product claimed as defective. The factory is not liable for indirect or consequential damages.

RETURN OF FURNISHED MATERIALS: Materials submitted at the time of order can be returned upon request. To assure return to the appropriate destination, please include shipping instructions with the purchase order. All digital files, negatives, dies, and proofs will be filed for a period of no less than one year. Factory waives responsibility for any material unclaimed within that one year period. Artwork cannot be returned to customers who owe a past due amount.

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